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PricesI- let's cut'

 Let's cut to the chase and talk prices! I get lots of emails from people, not really knowing what they want, where to start, or how much it might cost. That's fine! We always work it out after a few emails.  People generally come to me because they have already decided they love my work, so there is no pressure or hard sell. 

My minimum design fee is £50.00 for a simple illustration, which you would receive digitally and can add to your own stationery.

 If you would like something more elaborate like a fully illustrated map, prices start at £300.00.  I'm always happy to chat about your ideas and this includes any budget, however large or small, so please don't be afraid to ask.  Sometimes I have things on file that you can use for a fee, so please don't be shy to enquire.

How long does it take?

Depending on my schedule, a simple illustration can be ready in a few days to a week.  A wedding map can take longer, but I generally aim to have them ready - in digital form, for you to have printed yourself, a month from when you order it. The more info you can give me, the quicker it will be for me to get started on the drawing process.  You will need digital files for printing, but I am happy to send original artwork to anyone who would like it as a keepsake.

How does the process work?

Once a client is ready, the process always begins with me sending a list of questions about your event, to help me conjure up an idea of the flavour.  Using the Babington House map (pictured above), as an example, the bride and groom asked for a muted, country style map, with an elegant 20's flavour.  They are both actors in musicals, so we wanted to incorporate that somehow.  They also wanted to give guests an idea of all of the great activities you can access at Babington, so we made a feature of them.  Hopefully that helps to give a feel of how we end up with a map you will love.


f you are a Pinterest user, I find this a fantastic tool, which enables us to pin ideas and collate information in an easy, visual way.  If you are not a Pinterest user, don't worry, emails and photographs are just as good. I will then determine the price based on what you would like included in your artwork. 

If you prefer to speak on the phone, then I am happy to talk.

I've been lucky enough to have worked on a great many beautiful weddings and events now and am ready to dream up ideas and inspiration for your event, whatever you need - be it a fully illustrated map, or just a simple sketch of your venue.


Previous clients include Eton College, Lanza and Baucina Events, The Game and Wildlife Conservation Society, and many more lovely people who appreciate good old fashioned, hand drawn illustration.  


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