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trained as an actress at The Central School of Speech and Drama, and what I loved about that time most wasn't being in front of an audience, but the visual and storytelling aspects of theatre. I've long since left the stage myself, but have taken those  elements of theatre into my style of storytelling and illustration. I love to work with traditional line, sometimes mixing things up with digital colour. I studyied book illustration with Carolyn Dinan at both Putney Arts & Chelsea college of Art, and completed a writing for children course, with Mimi Thebo.

I have published a picture book, Cloth Monkey and am currently working on more picture books and a middle grade illustrated fiction project. 

My favourite things are people, and animals.

 I LOVE them, and if I can convey character within an illustration, then I'm over the moon. If you'd like to work with me, please get in touch.




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